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Together We Are Better.

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You've made Opportunity Partners a place Amber loves.

When Amber Perkins, 21, learned about Opportunity Partners from a friend, she couldn't wait to start. Not happy at her last day program, Amber was excited about a new opportunity.

"I like meeting new friends," Amber said. "I heard Opportunity Partners was a good place."

Since starting in April 2018, Amber is surrounded by friends and appreciates how staff have helped her find jobs she enjoys. She currently does light packaging on the production floor three days a week and works at Boston Scientific two days a week, where she does janitorial work.

When she's not working, Amber likes spending time with her family, buying hats, playing basketball and baseball, and going to the movies and the park. Being active and social are important to Amber, and that makes Opportunity Partners such a good fit for her.

With your support, Amber is thriving. She's gaining new skills, becoming more independent and learning to advocate for herself. She is happy, and so are we.

With YOU, anything is possible.