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The year was 1953.

During a time when it was common for people with disabilities to live in state institutions, Bob Garoutte was fortunate to follow another path.

Bob was just 15 years old when his family enrolled him in a brand new organization, then called Opportunity Workshop.

Now nearly 80 years old, Bob has earned the distinction of being the longest served individual in Opportunity Partners' history.

Today, Bob still attends Opportunity Partners five days per week. He is active, splitting his time between Koch Campus in Minnetonka and Golden Opportunity seniors program in Eden Prairie.

His niece and guardian, Janet, says Opportunity Partners has been integral to Bob's life. She recalls him getting his lunch together every day and dressing nice for work. Having a job and purpose has been an incredible opportunity for Bob. "He looked forward to it every single day. It was important to him - it still is."

Over the years, Bob worked a variety of jobs inside and outside of Opportunity Partners. After his mother passed away, he began living at Opportunity Partners' Fremont residence.

Your support ensures that Bob has the tools to live a full life. He has no plans to retire.

When you give to Opportunity Partners, you ensure that people we serve have access to innovative services to support them in all stages of life.

Together, we have redefined ability for 65 years and, like Bob, have no plans to slow down any time soon.

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