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Ever since Tori was a little girl, her smile would light up a room.

But there were some signs early on that worried Tori's parents. Her speech was delayed and she learned to crawl on her back, backwards. It wasn't until a fluke seizure at nine years old that doctors were able to find a diagnosis. It was determined she has ACC – a rare condition where the band connecting the two hemispheres of the brain fails to develop normally.

Her mother, Phyllis, immediately tried to learn everything she could about Tori's condition. Like all parents, she felt protective of her child and worried what the future would hold.

But Tori has always been determined, and a hard worker.

After graduating from high school, Tori continued with the community's Transition Plus Program. Upon completing this program, she found the next step in her journey to Opportunity Partners.

It was no surprise that she soared through her work-readiness programs at OP and into her first real work experience at Engineered Products Company working on a Supported Employment Team. Before long, Tori was ready for independent employment.

With your help, Tori found an independent job at a senior living community.

When you give to Opportunity Partners, you are supporting highly personalized services for the people we support. At 24 years old, this is just the beginning of Tori's story.

Thank you for making a gift to Opportunity Partners. Together we are advancing the quality of life for people with disabilities.