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Together We Are Better.

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Sam is thriving because of you.

Sam's life has not always been easy. He first went to Opportunity Partners-Karlins Center hiding behind a book. He was not happy and was not willing to look at staff or his peers. He thought no one liked him. It was heartbreaking.

The Opportunity Partners staff met him where he was at and encouraged him to put down the book. They communicated with him via text messaging at first, because Sam responded well to that.

Over time, he put the book down and discovered a supportive, caring community of staff and friends all around him.

Today, Sam is a fun-loving, selfie-taking, outgoing young man, and he no longer hides behind a book. We are so happy for Sam, and so grateful for you as a friend of Opportunity Partners.

It's like Sam has left for college. He's out there living, learning and working - developing friendships and really enjoying life. He's filled with joy!

With your support, Sam is gaining new confidence and even began working at a community job!

With YOU, anything is possible.