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You make dreams come true.

We all have dreams. Like living in our own place, playing sports with buddies, sharing a meal with friends, or having a job we enjoy.

Ben has an easy smile and chats happily about playing goalie for the Minnesota Wild Special Hockey team. He lives in an apartment supported by Opportunity Partners staff and enjoys working on a production job. But for Sandy and Allan Goldstein, watching their son move into his own apartment at age 28 was a dream that didn't expect he would ever reach.

"We never thought Ben could get his own apartment," Sandy said. "He's come a long way."

For Ben, reaching this milestone is a source of great happiness for him. "I get to be independent, and have my own space. I'm learning how to cook, and I would like to learn how to bake."

With support from Opportunity Partners, Ben is reaching his goals and excited for the future. He shows us that with a little help, dreams really can come true.

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