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Matthew Gerads is the kind of person who brings happiness wherever he goes.

His family says he brought joy from the very beginning. When he was young, Matthew's parents recognized the importance of getting him involved in sports and other activities. After high school graduation, they wanted Matthew to have the building blocks he needed to have the best life possible. In 1997, Matthew started working and taking classes at Opportunity Partners.

With the support of OP staff, Matthew found his job at Productivity, Inc., where he has now worked for 15 years. Matthew's supervisor says he is responsible, hardworking and kind.

Matthew volunteers at the Westwood Hills Nature Center through a class at our Asplin Center. He sweeps, spreads mulch and fills the bird feeders - his favorite job!

This past year has been difficult, because Matthew's mother passed away. Because of your support, Matthew has found a family way from home. OP is here to encourage Matthew and his family, help weather the storms in life and cheer on his successes.

With your help, Matthew has gained the confidence to be an independent man. And we are so proud of him.

Your gift ensures more individuals like Matthew are support and celebrated. Help us continue to be a network of support for the people we serve.

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